30' sectional triangle crane. 
Standard 2 axis Stanton Remote Head (Talon Head can be substituted)
Includes base and wheels 
Fits on standard 24" track
Call 310.403.9192 or 
Easy to use. Easy to build.  Adjustable, build a 6' jib or a 30' crane.
Call 310.403.9192 or

Some clients include: Best Buy, Chevrolet, Kmart, Xbox, Toyota, Miller Lite, Spiriva, PGA Golf, MTV, AND YOU!!
Sizes are-

"Extreme" 30'

"Super plus" 24'

"Super" 18'

"Giant Plus" 15'

"Giant" 12'

"Standard Plus" 9'

"Standard" 6'

"Stubby" 4'